About us

There is always a face to welcome you at Be in Italy


The founder

Matteo Troiani

Matteo Troiani spent 20 years working as a Tour Leader for groups travelling across Europe. In 2020, time suddenly stopped and he had the chance to realize that it was about time to move forward in his carrier. Along with Ivana, he founded Be in Italy. 
Obsessed with details and perfection, Matteo's goal is to make each experience an unforgettable one.


The other founder

Ivana Pajević

Born in Croatia and raised in Italy, Ivana caught the best of both cultures. When a tour or event is designed she is always giving it that special touch that makes it a unique one. Her expertise in weddings and events makes her the person who can assist you in planning something memorable.


Operation Manager

Ilaria Bambozzi

Ilaria is the new entry at Be in Italy. 
An unstoppable worker that since day 1 at the company showed her great organizational skills and attention to details.
Always on top of things, she will ensure a seamless experience in Italy.