Questions are legit, answers are due! We do our best to make you feel at ease while you get to know us and our products.

Yes, our tours are sold to private groups only. We do not pair our customers with anyone they do not know.

We ask our suppliers to respect all protocols to keep their facilities and vehicles as sanitized as possible. 

We require a 25% deposit at the moment of booking, while the balance of the tour cost is due 45 days before your tour starts.

Depending on the situation we will apply Covid cancellation policies. For example, if the country/area you are supposed to visit is closed to tourists, we will apply the Covid cancellation policy.

You can visit the "CONTACT US" section of this website or email us at info@beinitaly.com or call our Free Toll number 1 (800) 690-2390 (only from US and Canada).

The safety of our clients is always our number one priority. We usually design and build itineraries that never touch "risky" areas of our country (although there are very few). With commons sense and standard caution you will not have to worry about anything while visiting beautiful Italy.

Yes, it is. But there are no more pickpockets than any other busy country in the world.

Yes, it is. When we have families traveling with us we usually design itineraries that are kids friendly and make sure to arrange everything in a way that will not make parents struggle.

If your own currency is EURO, yes you can! Although many people still believe that Italians will accept USD or other currencies, this does not happen anymore. Beside being illegal, exchanging money is something that merchants do not want to deal with anymore.

Shops usually open at 9:00 AM and close at 8:00 PM. "Siesta" is something they do not do in the larger cities (Rome, Milan, Florence, etc) although it may still happen in smaller realities where shops are still family run.

Tips are NOT mandatory but appreciated and we do not tip as much as in North America (15 - 20% of the bill). When you are happy and satisfied with your meal, leaving a few EURO per person (2 or 3, regardless of the bill) will be more than appreciated.

There is really no difference. We call BAR places where you go for coffee and similar things. If you see Italians going to the "BAR" early in the morning it does not mean we have problems, we are simply going for breakfast!

Yes, and Italians in general smoke more than North American people do. It is not allowed indoors unless there are dedicated and sealed areas but outdoors people can smoke pretty much everywhere.

Yes, especially when you visit the major cities, people will understand you and be able to respond in English. We recommend speaking slowly and use simple words and expressions to make their lives easy while they listen to you.